If you would like to delete your Kinship account, do the following steps:

- Tap your kin icon on the right-upper corner to open "My Account" menu.

- Under the "Account" section, tap <Account info>.

- Tap the <Delete account> button.

    - Optionally (recommended): Tap <Export data> to receive a copy of all your Kinship data in your email.

- Tap <Send verification email>. An email with a code will be sent to your inbox.

- Enter the 6-digit code in the "Code" field and tap <Delete account>.

- Confirm the deletion when prompted.

Note 1: If applicable, you still need to cancel your Kinship subscription from the AppStore, Google Play, or Stripe. Click here to know how to cancel your subscription.

Note 2: Deleting an account permanently erases all your data, including but not limited to all your kin, notes, and associated media. This action cannot be undone.